Volunteer With BCCC!

    The Boone County  Community Chest is always looking for those who are willing to do for their Community. We operate at all hours of the day. Need and disaster have no schedule. This is why we ask for up front honesty about availability. Just because you don't have a lot of time to donate , doesn't mean you don't have a place here. We are growing in so many directions that we need help in all directions. You never know the circumstance as to why someone may need help. We don't judge here. We have a firm grasp on the fact that things happen. No matter how well off you are.. Burden is a real thing. 


Once you have submitted the form. One of the admins will contact you. At this point you will need to link a login on this page with facebook. Usually you can just click sign in with facebook. Twitter support coming soon. At that time an admin will get you added to the Volunteer Group. Can take up to 72 hours . The Groups Section is under my Account.