Make A Donation

Make A Donation

We are excited to announce our Go Fund Me Campaign! Being a new organization, we want to establish not only strong connections with our community, but we want to establish the best business practices. As with any business (non-profit or not), there are costs. Just a small part of what we do includes helping others in need. Above and beyond that aspect, we want to be able to steward our volunteers for their help, as well as continue to grow our outreach through new and exciting programming.  We know that the scope of need far surpasses donated items.  ALL funds donated through this campaign will go towards the following:

SHORT-TERM GOALS FOR FUNDS RAISED: Supplemental toys and gifts to go towards the BCCC Christmas program, food for our Adopt-a-Family program, food to supplement our on-going food “mini” food bank (due to limited storage and access, we currently maintain this program through small donations generated by members on our Facebook page), gas cards for volunteers helping distribute items over the holidays

LONG-TERM FINANCIAL GOALS FOR FUNDS RAISED: an ongoing source of shelf-stable food items for immediate food needs, storage/refrigeration for donated and purchased food items, funds to go towards youth programming geared towards showing our youth how to engage with one another and also be good stewards of their community, our very own facility to share with others!

Go Fund Me

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