The Boone County Community Chest started out In November 2017. We started with the vision of filling the gap of support that exists in our community. We have a firm belief in the community should help one another. When we created this group, this is never what we imagined. However, I fell in love with helping my community. We all have things that pop up in our lives. There needs to be someone there to help sometimes. From Dinner to a hot water heater. We help who we can. For the Holiday’s this County Showed amazing support and love. At Thanksgiving “WE” provided meals for 19 families!!! When I say “WE” I mean you and I and everyone else that donated. Then Christmas comes. Again “We” provided meals for 50+ Families and put gifts under the tree for 128 young ones. Thanks To Businesses like Pratt’s Storage, Ultimate Tans LLC. and American Rental pitching in. It was a huge success.  This winter we are introducing our Non—Profit. Community Chest of Indiana Inc. was formed to enable us to provide more services our community needs. We want this to catch on and spread to other counties. The Community Chest of Indiana Inc. will govern all Community Chest ‘s started with the assistance of BCCC. Thus, enabling us to ensure the mission stays the same. That mission is to put “unity” back in Community!!

Thanks for stopping in. Stay Tuned For More!!!

Todd Spenneberg

P.S. Below You will find links to our media mentions/articles.

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