What does “Community” mean to you? This is a question I like to ask on the regular. Jolene Gibson is what it means right now. The out pouring from the Community has been great! Jolene is a spunky, stubborn, outgoing, impatient and beautiful one-year old little girl. She was welcomed into this world at 32 weeks. She has four older siblings and two amazing parents. Jolene has been diagnosed with Rhabdoid Cancer. In the last few weeks I have seen so many awesome acts of kindness , love and support for this family. A Go Fund Me organized by a family friend is up to $7,121!!!!! Love and Prayers for Jolene Go Fund Me. Other great things have happened too! The ladies I refer to as #TeamJolene are kicking tail!! They were able to get all new tires for Mom’s Van!!  Friendly City Games held a Magic The Gathering Event and Contributed $300 to the Go Fund ME! Friendly City Games Facebook Page .Even Jolene’s favorite show Beat Bugs got in on the Go Fund Me with $150!! Beat Bug’s Facebook Page. So many loving people stepping up! So many others have donated on the Go Fund Me as well!! Thank You All!!! 

There are so many people to thank and I will In due time! Stay tuned for more!!

#teamJolene #JoleneStrong #WEAREBCCC #unityincommunity

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